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eLearning Initiative Overview

The IEEE Engineering Management Society is pleased to introduce you to a new IEEE EMS Education Initiative bringing training in technical management skills and best practices for project management, effective communication and virtual team formation to IEEE members. We have contracted with MSI Learning for a series of web based courses for IEEE members involved in technical management.

Transitioning from Technical Contributor to Manager

EMS is sponsoring professional business management courses that deliver real-time access to critical skills and information for the technology manager. This is a cross-functional effort across all IEEE societies intended to assist fellow engineers in making the adaptive and challenging transition into a new area of professional responsibility. Most of us have lots of technical training but little exposure to the "soft" skills we need to deal with people issues and leading and motivating teams. Most managers recall some terrifying experiences in transitioning into management responsibilities; we want to take proactive steps to prevent such experiences.

IEEE Member Discounts for July 17th Launch

The first EMS collaborative eLearning course, "Project Planning 1: Defining the Project," launches on July 17th. We have arranged special pricing exclusively for IEEE members for this initial course:

  1. 25% off the IEEE Member rate (=$296 US) or,
  2. Better yet, go for the "2 for 1" advantage and get a second signup free for a co-worker or friend for a net price of less than $200 US each person.

To take advantage of this special introductory offer, simply enter your IEEE membership number on the registration form and either "25% off" or "2-for-1" as the promotional code. You will receive the appropriate price.


You will be able to network with other professionals and expert instructors while you learn your new skills, and enjoy the convenience of learning online. A significant benefit is the capacity to bring intact teams together in global communities to acquire:

  • real-time practical management skills to improve your project team performance
  • no travel or time away from your job, giving both cost and use of time effectivity
  • time-of-day learning flexibility: you just login from wherever you are

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